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Disclaimer: Yeah, just don't link this to either of them or anyone affiliated with them. Or, if you're affiliated with them and have happened upon this by accident: stop googling yourselves or the other and hit that backspace button.

Okay, so this is a thing because I have brought certain friends vaguely here and the primer(s) that currently exist have a bunch of broken links. So this is the 2017-updated version of belated RPF stuff; I tried to preserve most of the sources on the old primer(s) anyway. Also because everytime I rewatch the movie I end up needing to do these things to heal my small heart anyway.

At the time that TSN was being promoted (2010-2011), Andrew was dating Shannon Woodward (I refer to her as "the Halloween lesbian from Psych" in my head, but now she plays a hot nerd in Westworld?); he started dating Emma Stone during 2011; Emma incidentally co-starred with Jesse in 2009, in Zombieland.

Jesse was dating Anna Strout (since 2002), his previous and current long-time girlfriend. They broke up in 2012 but now they're back together! Jesse's gonna be a dad! I just felt like including this information so you take note of the fact that it is currently 2017, yes. Also, the whole "Andrew is not yet Spider-man" → "Andrew is Spider-man in the reboot of the franchise" → "Andrew is now filming for Spider-man long after TSN promotions and Jesse is writing plays" was happening in live time (ish) during and right after TSN promotions, so yeah.

(Look at me, referring them just by first names as if I know them.)

(By the way this is always a girlfriend-friendly zone. No place for girlfriend hate here.)

Onto shit and stuff.

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Anyway, so that's mostly it. A lot of old blogs, tumblrs, LJ posts, etc. are deleted so I've scraped up what I can. Party like it's 2011, or something like that.

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