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MURDER. LAUGHTER. — a fanmix

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A/N: I'd made this playlist for my South Park Big Bang fic of 2015, which I haven't been able to finish since (as it seems to be pretty evident right now), horror-comedy is difficult for me to write. Apparently I have an affinity for making playlists for the genre, though; I'm quite proud of this playlist, actually. (Also sorry for reusing "Harlem" - it's just a really good murder song.)

Whilst thinking about what to do for the album cover for this, I realized that the Joker imagery is pretty good for a playlist like this. And since I hadn't given the South Park fic a title, it was just that easy to turn this from a fic-specific playlist to a genre playlist. What can I say; I really love making playlists that are fun to serial kill to.
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The Social Network: A Timeline

Because I have in my head a bunch of dates and times I've speculated, plus a framework of a bunch of other events' times based on real life dates that I know, for some reason. This is admittedly 6+ years late to the actual fandom so I don't know if it's actually helpful to anyone aside from me anymore. Is this even helpful? It was fun to compile, at the least, and make sense of everything.

Questions to how I reached certain conclusions that I didn't explain or cite in this post are welcome.

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live preview/usage @ [personal profile] gimmelove
features: two column, supports all modules, fixed width, custom 'locked'

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With all the LJ and DW mess of the past couple of days (it literally took 30 hours for a community I was importing to make it through the queue), I decided to save myself some grief and adapt that typical kinkmeme theme on LJ to a DW theme.

live preview/usage @ [personal profile] memekink
also, if you have or know of a kinkmeme not listed where the live preview is, feel free to let me know so I can add it to the aforementioned journal

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Making the best of Dreamwidth

Well, since this shitshow which has been pretty widely shared, there's been some talk tossed around about avid LJ-ers to finally, fully move to Dreamwidth (despite LiveJournal's failings in the past, but I'm getting ahead of myself.) I'm in full support of this, mostly because I've been pretty enthusiastic about Dreamwidth since like 2010?

Of course, like any other social networking site, it's not perfect. But it has a similar and safer functionality than LiveJournal - rather reminiscent of that pre-2011 USI - while having its own merits. And it maintains that nuanced, easy communication feature that Tumblr lacks, because let's be real: Tumblr is not exactly the most functional site in the world when it comes to having conversations. Dreamwidth I think is a viable alternative, despite how low-key it is outside of its roleplaying community.

A lot of people have made tutorials for Dreamwidth in the past, so I don't want to get too redundant. I'll be writing this with the assumption that the reader knows how either LiveJournal or Tumblr works. This tutorial is specifically about why and how you can use Dreamwidth for a full and effective fannish (and sometimes personal) experience. I do my best to cover as much as I can big picture wise to ~appeal~ to the reader, but I have also included a myriad of links in nearly every section if I have appealed to you well enough and you are willing to click for further reading/learning!

ETA: I made a Dreamwidth Starter Kit of links if you want to learn how to do stuff instead of my pure functional How To Do Stuff. It has nearly all the links I linked here and more (save for the comms I listed at the bottom here.) This post is a general tutorial of why and how; but if you immediately want to get to the fun stuff and start doing things, the starter kit may be of more use to you.

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How to travel back in time (A/J primer)

Disclaimer: Yeah, just don't link this to either of them or anyone affiliated with them. Or, if you're affiliated with them and have happened upon this by accident: stop googling yourselves or the other and hit that backspace button.

Okay, so this is a thing because I have brought certain friends vaguely here and the primer(s) that currently exist have a bunch of broken links. So this is the 2017-updated version of belated RPF stuff; I tried to preserve most of the sources on the old primer(s) anyway. Also because everytime I rewatch the movie I end up needing to do these things to heal my small heart anyway.

At the time that TSN was being promoted (2010-2011), Andrew was dating Shannon Woodward (I refer to her as "the Halloween lesbian from Psych" in my head, but now she plays a hot nerd in Westworld?); he started dating Emma Stone during 2011; Emma incidentally co-starred with Jesse in 2009, in Zombieland.

Jesse was dating Anna Strout (since 2002), his previous and current long-time girlfriend. They broke up in 2012 but now they're back together! Jesse's gonna be a dad! I just felt like including this information so you take note of the fact that it is currently 2017, yes. Also, the whole "Andrew is not yet Spider-man" → "Andrew is Spider-man in the reboot of the franchise" → "Andrew is now filming for Spider-man long after TSN promotions and Jesse is writing plays" was happening in live time (ish) during and right after TSN promotions, so yeah.

(Look at me, referring them just by first names as if I know them.)

(By the way this is always a girlfriend-friendly zone. No place for girlfriend hate here.)

Onto shit and stuff.

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Anyway, so that's mostly it. A lot of old blogs, tumblrs, LJ posts, etc. are deleted so I've scraped up what I can. Party like it's 2011, or something like that.
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All I use is Garageband and I try to find spliced up versions of songs on the internet to make these things. So they are not really the best quality, even though I am fond of them. Kind of like the banner down there.

Please don't reupload on Tumblr, Youtube, Soundcloud, or any other music-sharing site. If I wanted it there I would post it since I have an account on most websites. This is just for posterity, curiosity, and listening enjoyment.

download all
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fly together — a fanmix

(listen here)
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Notes: I compiled this back in 2014, but never made a proper cover for it until now. Also I know "The Mother We Share" is kind of out of place, lyrics-wise, but the sound works well I think. Anyway, for the OTP ♥
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It's 2011.


Just a compilation of the best moments from Andrew & Jesse's livechat, so you don't have to scroll through all of it like I did. I tried to see if someone else had done it before, on Tumblr or LJ, but couldn't find anything, so... here.

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an important video || patelfield

(aka "andrew garfield and dev patel becoming best friends in 18 minutes")

This isn't like... a real edit... but it's important for everyone to understand Andrew Garfield/Dev Patel, okay.

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Hello! And welcome to your handy guide to Mafia as played on If you are looking for advice/functions of a particular role, you can try to Find (CTRL+F) it on this post! If it’s not here, drop me a line and I can write a snippet on it. All comments on this post are screened.

I also highly recommend epicmafiakuzuryuu's blog for more concerns about EM ethics and strategies.

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5. Chat commands and jargon )
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wonderland || markwardo

Password is, appropriately, "markwardo."

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SASO 2015 Masterpost

This is captain of Team Haikyuu!! speaking, with a masterlist of all things SASO! My remix permissions thread can be found here, and all of my team's shenanigans will be held at [community profile] bolleyvall. If you need to contact me for any reason, feel free to check out my networks. Thanks for stopping by!
Star * indicates that a work is an extreme rough draft

BR0 | BR1 | BR2 | BR3 | BR4 | BR5 | BR6 | BBR

MR1 (AO3) | MR2 (AO3)

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(listen here)
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Notes: This is a playlist for an original zombie story I wrote in 2014 and never finished. Anyway, this playlist is good and zombie-apocalypse reminiscent in general. And I love zombies.

The title comes from my aforementioned story. It also features a lot of punk/metal covers of otherwise less zombielike songs P: Otherwise, just feel free to imagine people killing zombies to the bouncier ones.
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Credit: Resources & Thanks

If you see me using one of your resources and you're not listed here, please let me know!


[community profile] aliahan (layout) [ profile] cloaks (x)


to [personal profile] outstretched for basically being my mod mentor since 2011;
& to [ profile] static_abyss, [ profile] memorde, & [ profile] tionism for reading over my shitty first drafts regularly and letting me yell at you about things I'm not writing; the true casualties in my endless pursuits to achieve nothing but a ridiculous number of fics at the end of the day.