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MURDER. LAUGHTER. — a fanmix


A/N: I'd made this playlist for my South Park Big Bang fic of 2015, which I haven't been able to finish since (as it seems to be pretty evident right now), horror-comedy is difficult for me to write. Apparently I have an affinity for making playlists for the genre, though; I'm quite proud of this playlist, actually. (Also sorry for reusing "Harlem" - it's just a really good murder song.)

Whilst thinking about what to do for the album cover for this, I realized that the Joker imagery is pretty good for a playlist like this. And since I hadn't given the South Park fic a title, it was just that easy to turn this from a fic-specific playlist to a genre playlist. What can I say; I really love making playlists that are fun to serial kill to.

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