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With all the LJ and DW mess of the past couple of days (it literally took 30 hours for a community I was importing to make it through the queue), I decided to save myself some grief and adapt that typical kinkmeme theme on LJ to a DW theme.

live preview/usage @ [personal profile] memekink
also, if you have or know of a kinkmeme not listed where the live preview is, feel free to let me know so I can add it to the aforementioned journal

Note: This layout is a literal adaptation of [ profile] firstkinkmod's CSS override of Minimalism: Georgia on LiveJournal. I've done my best to mimic as much of its general appearance as possible as applicable on Dreamwidth.

Step I: Theme


Step II: Page Setup

At the very bottom of Select Journal Style, change your PAGE SETUP to One column (modules at the top and bottom; no sidebar)

Step III: Custom CSS


Step IV: Layout Stylesheet

Leave the USE LAYOUT STYLESHEET box checked. Unchecking the box will screw this up.

Step V: Copy & Paste Code

Select all and copy the code in the link below; then back in Dreamwidth, in the textbox next to USE CUSTOM STYLESHEETS, paste the code and save.

Step VI: Comment Pages & Addtl Options

This theme is cosmetic and not operated to work with custom comment pages. You need to enable the site skin comment page so it doesn't look ugly; you can do this by going to:
  • Organize » Manage Account » Display
  • "Entry Page Default: Your Journal" - uncheck the box; and hit save.
For maximum appearance and capability, it is also advised that you use text interaction links instead of icon interaction links. To configure this, go to:
  • Organize » Customize Style » Presentation
  • "Select whether user interaction links are printed as text or using the available icons" » switch from icons to text-only
  • "Select whether entry management links are printed as text or using the available icons" » switch from icons to text-only
  • "Select whether comment management links are printed as text or using the available icons" » switch from icons to text-only
Also this layout isn't just for kinkmemes. You can use it for whatever! It was just originally designed to be as such.


Please leave credits to [personal profile] aroceu or [community profile] byaro either in a profile or credits/resources post. You can do this by typing <user name="aroceu"> or <user name="byaro">.
Full inspiration and reference for this theme goes to [ profile] firstkinkmod.

Support & Help

This is the first time I've ever formally released a layout (I usually just edit them for myself) so I may be overlooking some bugs. Please let me know if you find any and I'll be sure to fix them as soon as possible!

11/04/2017 Fixed some issues with Firefox padding and tag spacing/bullets.
13/04/2017 Fixed padding-start modifications for Firefox/Chrome for the navigation & other areas

Also, if you've just moved over from LJ, check out my "making the best of dreamwidth" tutorial :)