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How to travel back in time (A/J primer)

Disclaimer: Yeah, just don't link this to either of them or anyone affiliated with them. Or, if you're affiliated with them and have happened upon this by accident: stop googling yourselves or the other and hit that backspace button.

Okay, so this is a thing because I have brought certain friends vaguely here and the primer(s) that currently exist have a bunch of broken links. So this is the 2017-updated version of belated RPF stuff; I tried to preserve most of the sources on the old primer(s) anyway. Also because everytime I rewatch the movie I end up needing to do these things to heal my small heart anyway.

At the time that TSN was being promoted (2010-2011), Andrew was dating Shannon Woodward (I refer to her as "the Halloween lesbian from Psych" in my head, but now she plays a hot nerd in Westworld?); he started dating Emma Stone during 2011; Emma incidentally co-starred with Jesse in 2009, in Zombieland.

Jesse was dating Anna Strout (since 2002), his previous and current long-time girlfriend. They broke up in 2012 but now they're back together! Jesse's gonna be a dad! I just felt like including this information so you take note of the fact that it is currently 2017, yes. Also, the whole "Andrew is not yet Spider-man" → "Andrew is Spider-man in the reboot of the franchise" → "Andrew is now filming for Spider-man long after TSN promotions and Jesse is writing plays" was happening in live time (ish) during and right after TSN promotions, so yeah.

(Look at me, referring them just by first names as if I know them.)

(By the way this is always a girlfriend-friendly zone. No place for girlfriend hate here.)

Onto shit and stuff.


(some of these sources are currently not available; I'm nabbing from tumblr posts that used to have video sources but have now been taken down so just trust me)

They did a livechat, but I compiled the most relevant/interesting moments from it if you want to go easy on yourself. (Link to the full transcript is available in linked article.)

Andrew: Right now me and Jesse Eisenberg are playing best friends and I don’t know if it’s subconscious because I have to portray it on screen— I don’t think it is— but I feel like we really get on as people and I have a lot of love for him even though I’ve only known him for two weeks.

Interviewer: Andrew, could you talk about your great connection with Jesse? And do you have anything coming up in the future?
Andrew: [laughs] Very good, very good. It’s a smart one. Um, my connection with Jesse… um, I could talk– I could talk about that for days and weeks and months and years. [Jesse pats him on the back] Um, yeah, no.
Justin: You probably shouldn’t.
Andrew: No, I probably… but I will. Um, no, I mean, you know. We, uh… there were some subconscious forces happening as we were kind of going in on this kind of rehearsal process, and, you know, maybe it was probably more from just my own perspective, but, you know, I– my subconscious knew I had to fall in love with him. And see him as a brother. And, uh, you know, have a genuine love for him, and it was easy to project that on such a kind of innocent face [laughs] and innocent soul. And, uh, you know, it was really lovely to, uh… [laughs] It’s so weird and awkward saying this right here with you. Um, but I’m gonna keep going.
Jesse: Yeah, I can leave.
Andrew: No, stay, stay…. you need to hear this. But yeah, it was great. I’ve been a fan of Jesse as an actor, for, you know… ever since I saw The Squid and the Whale. You know, it was just a wonderful thing to be able to have a genuine connection with someone and allow that to bleed into, uh, not being filmed. We’d share rides together in the morning and we’d eat lobster in Boston and crab in Baltimore… wherever we’d go we’d have the shellfish of that specific area of the United States. Little things like that. And uh, yeah, it was just really, really a fun thing. And the second part of the question…? Oh yeah, that part. Yeah, no, I’m gonna be Spiderman.

(about the Palo Alto house scene)
Jesse: The scene was very painful to film because we had been filming for several months and you know, Andrew and I had become very good friends and you’re aware that of course it’s a movie and that you’re playing characters but at the same time I was driving Andrew to and from set which was like an hour away from where we lived and we kinda spoke on the car a little bit but we didn’t really speak on set and that’s the enjoyable process of acting is becoming immersed in the role even if it’s occasionally painful.

(audio commentary during the phone call/silk scarf burning scene)
Andrew: “Jesse was so nervous of this scene. He is so stupid because he is so good in it. Like he had all of this, you know, diatribe dialog to learn. He felt so under-prepared and he was so angry with himself and I think it was lovely because there was a real kind of support that we had for each other in this scene. In between takes he’d be really kind of nervous about messing up and he wanted to get it absolutely right, but I think his anger towards himself was nicely translated to his anger at me. And then on my side of it, he kept on giving me these wonderful little ad-libs for me to react to for the last part of the scene where he, you now, I think at one point I made him say: ‘I love you, you’re my best friend. Come, and we’ll get married, and we’ll live in a house together.’ Just to kind of like give me that right kind of reaction for the end of this scene. And he really generously, you know, embarrassingly told me how much he adored me. (Giggles) It was really nice. For this last bit.”

(audio commentary)
Jesse: When we were in Boston it was like we’d wake up and we’d be the only people we’d know. And then when we came back to LA I was miserable. Andrew has a girlfriend here and so he wouldn’t spend every minute with me.

(about the break-up scene)
Jesse: What I was going to say though was that I’ve never, ever seen a scene in a film, an actor, maintain—maintain that focus, and intensity, and emotional breath the way Andrew did that day. It was shocking um, it was intimidating, and it was inspiring and uh, made for an uncomfortable car ride home together because he stirred me so, so deeply. As phenomenal as it is to watch in the movie, it was exhilarating to experience… and frightening, frankly.

Armie: “How much did you and Jesse talk, in like prep, before we started shooting?”
Andrew: “Oh, a bunch, yeah. About the relationship and what we’d think needed to happen. Yeah, the rehearsal was fantastic. Like at this point I think he was saying 'I love you, you’re my best friend.’ And it’s so sweet and it really made a great difference to me and the scene, it was really generous of him.”

Did you guys get any time together off-set? Go to ball games or anything?
Andrew: Yeah. We did. Me and Jesse, after Boston we were shooting in Baltimore for four days, and we spent Halloween in Baltimore on our own hanging around this awful shopping mall with a Hard Rock Café and a Cheesecake Factory and a Borders. And then we saw a Ravens game. We saw a Celtics game when we were in Boston, which was fucking amazing. And Jesse got the green clover drawn on his face. He has all these different personality facets. He’s so smart and so funny and so cerebral and neurotic and vulnerable. But then very defensive and then kind of stupid and irreverent. But mostly geniusly funny, and can turn any situation into something Seinfeldian. He may differ with this because he’s a contrarian, but I feel like our relationship reflected the best friends thing during shooting. For me, anyway.

"Why The Social Network Isn't Just The Facebook Movie"
There’s no hint that Zuckerberg and Saverin were ever more than friends — though that would make for an interesting movie, too. At the same time, Garfield likened the betrayal his character experiences to a break-up. During the interview, he reflected on a time he’d been dumped out of the blue — and the pain that followed. “You know that confusion you have when you’re broken up with, and you have no idea why?” he asked. “You haven’t been told clearly why, because that person’s protecting you.”

In fact, the desired outcome Garfield imagines his character wanted is a bromantic ideal. If Mark were to realize the error of ways, perhaps he’d apologize to Eduardo, and they could repair their friendship. It might not make for a gripping ending to the film, but it would be a happier conclusion for Saverin. “I think with Mark, up until the end, Eduardo’s hoping at some point Mark’s going to go, ‘Look, I’m really, really sorry, man. I really messed up. I love you so much, and I just was jealous of you for this. And I acted out like this. Can we be friends again? I’ll give you back as much money as you want. Let’s move in together and we’ll play basketball every day, and we’ll cuddle at night and watch reality TV.’ Part of Eduardo in those depositions is just waiting for that moment.”

Interviewer: Hi how are you? how is it going? I get two for the price of one, we're live right now on E! Online.
Armie: Oh wow
Interviewer: Armie Hammer and Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network. Now, I just saw you guys joking around with Andrew Garfield, was there any practical jokes played on set?
Jesse: Andrew used to take all of our props and put them in a big bowl of jello and actually in the scene where you’re rowing... um... all your paddles are in jello, you could see it.
Armie: We’re talking about how you dipped everything in jello
Interviewer: This is a joke right?
Andrew: I’m a prankster
Interviewer: I know, I just saw you joking around so I was wondering if anyone did anything funny on set.
Jesse: When Andrew smashes the computer on the desk I used to stick a whoopee cushion under the computer.
Andrew: Don’t tell that story!
Jesse: And so if you listen very carefully when andrew smashes the computer after he’s been kicked out and lost his brother... um... you can hear like just like kind of…
Interviewer: That is amazing. Now I wanna know: do any of you guys have facebooks?
Armie: No
Andrew: No
Jesse: Andrew cut the brakes on my car once.

Interviewer: Now we’re at the beginning of award season and you guys have a ton more coming up, how are you guys preparing for this? This is kind of your first award season.
Armie: I waxed my body.
Interviewer: Oh you did? Can we see it?
Armie: Yeah. It grew back a little bit.
Interviewer: Oh.
Armie: Oh actually I guess it all grew back. Sorry about that.
Interviewer: That’s alright.
Jesse: God waxed my body
Interviewer: Do you guy waxed each others body? Did that ever happen?
Jesse: Andrew used to come in early and wax everybody’s body.
Armie: Such a prankster that Andrew.

ET Online
It was also the first time for Spider-Man Andrew Garfield, who was at the ceremony for 'The Social Network' and said it made him nervous to be walking the carpet sans his co-stars. "I feel really uncomfortable," he told Mary. "I'm looking for Jesse's (Eisenberg) hand but it's not there."

Empire Report on the set of The Social Network (covering the takes on the laptop smash scene)
Garfield leaves to change into his own, casual clothes before returning to crouch behind the camera as it hovers close to Eisenberg. Just before the camera rolls, he leans toward the Zombieland star and hisses, ‘You’re a fucking dick and you betrayed your best fucking friend. Live with that.’ It’s shocking to hear. It certainly helps with the take. And it is evidence both of Garfield’s professional generosity and Fincher’s nous – for the abuse was at the director’s instruction.

Jesse: In addition to the camera in your face, there’s a hundred people there who aren’t trying to experience the same emotion that you’re experiencing, so it’s really hard to stay focused and I’ve never seen somebody do it as well as Andrew, and I learned a lot from him on this movie. The way he’s able to kind of maintain focus throughout not just a day, but through a week and a month and an entire shoot, is extraordinary, and I took a lot from it.

Andrew: I wanted my relationship with Jesse to be deep and real, and I had to care about him, like a brother I’d forgive anything. Even in arguments, there would be this blood type. I did dream about Eduardo and his struggle. We split shooting one scene over two days – the scene when I arrive in Palo Alto at the apartment. We shot half of it, then I went to sleep and had nightmares about breaking up with Jesse, and felt I’d behaved badly. I was already into the guilt stage. I thought, ‘If maybe I’d dealt with it differently.’ Then the other half of me was, ‘No, you are justified, it is your house, they’re messing with your hard-earned money and you’re being taken advantage of.’ It was useful going onto the set the next day with that dream.

Andrew: From my side anyway, it was very easy for me to project and feel very strong feelings for Jesse as Mark and as Jesse. What’s wonderful is when you can blur that line in a safe way – not in like, you know, a I’m-going-to-cheat-on-my-girlfriend with this man.

Interviewer: Now Andrew, you play the best friend of Mark Zuckerberg.
Andrew: The girlfriend, yeah. The girlfriend role.
Interviewer: Oh, you play the girlfriend of Mark Zuckerberg.
Andrew: Yeah.

Andrew: I think above all else [The Social Network] is a love story. And something of a tragic one, I suppose.

Tucson Weekly
Eisenberg and Garfield are one of the better screen pairings you will see this year. When things start to go bad between them, especially after Napster cofounder Sean Parker enters the picture, the movie goes into the stratosphere.

Moderator: Is it important to feel that connection with the character you’re playing? Do you often get that involved?
Jesse: Yeah, my favourite thing to do is improvise a character’s rehearsals. Andrew and I, we did this fun thing… do you remember that?
Andrew: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!
Jesse: Andrew remembers this time when we had a very long conversation and it was so much fun. Remember in the room with the table?
Andrew: The table room?
Jesse: Yeah, you were sitting… you were sitting next to…
Andrew: Yeah!
Jesse: Yeah, I’d love to do that again. It was so much fun.

Vanity Fair: I have to talk to Andrew in five minutes, unless he’s busy being Spiderman.
Jesse: It takes him usually more than five minutes to do that.
Vanity Fair: Ha, yes. Any messages to pass along?
Jesse: Yeah, can you tell him that he owes me 20 bucks?

Vanity Fair: First of all, I talked to Jesse Eisenberg, and he says you owe him $20.
Andrew: [Laughs.] That is not true! What for? I’m pretty sure he owes me money. We went to a zip-lining place together, and he owes me like 200 pesos.
Vanity Fair: The Social Network is ridiculously quotable. I can’t wait to break up with someone by comparing them to a Stairmaster. What was your favorite line to say?
Andrew: So many! One of my favorite lines of Eduardo’s was at the dinner scene where Brenda, who plays my girlfriend, says, “He’s holding a 5,000-pound marlin.” And I’m like, “We all know that marlins don’t really weigh 5,000 pounds, right?” And she says, “Have you seen a big one up close?” And I’m like, “No, I haven’t, but I’m pretty sure the guy’s not holding a marlin the size of a Range Rover. That would be a pretty big fish and a really strong guy.” I was like, that’s going to be such a fun line to do, but I kept fucking up! It was the end of a really long day, and we were all delirious from sushi and laughter and fake alcoholic drinks. I was just loopy and Jesse was messing with me off camera. Actually, he couldn’t help it; I find Jesse funny even if he’s just staring into space. It was impossible, I got so frustrated. Eventually, we got a reading of the line.
Vanity Fair: So there is such a thing as too much sushi?
Andrew: Yeah, too much sushi. And too much Eisenberg.

Interviewer: As we’re heading into the awards season, and you’re both candidates being talked about all over the place…
Andrew: (to Jesse) I thought it was autumn we were going into.
Jesse: In Los Angeles they call that…
Andrew: …awards season. Interesting.
Interviewer: Autumn and winter and then…they usually start from the summer.
Jesse: Summer is called “Money” here.

Jesse: One of the things Andrew Garfield and I would do is improvise together in character, with him playing kind of the doting mother and me the detached, annoyed younger brother. It established for us how our characters interacted with each other outside of the movie.

Interviewer: So I'm reading the New York Times the other day and I come upon this ad, Best Picture of the Year, and all the media outlets--it's over your body, actually, Jesse.
Jesse Eisenberg: (laughs) Yes.
Andrew Garfield: Jesse's body is the Best Picture.

(on being nominated for an Academy Award)
Jesse: I’m trying to –- OK –- to think of how to phrase it. A very strange experience. The movie has received such high praise for the last several months. This is just another overwhelming culmination. In many ways this is a culmination. Andrew and the entire cast were so incredible to work with. This is truly an ensemble film. Anytime I receive any acknowledgment, I am aware how impossible it would have been to achieve without the cast and especially Andrew.

Andrew: It was weird running to work every morning with Jesse and as soon as I got in the car I’d start speaking. Cause I didn’t want him to hear my english accent cause I didn’t want him to be distracted by my shift in accent. That was mostly for him I just didn’t.. I wanted him to consider me as..
Josh: For Jesse?
Andrew: Eduardo, yeah.


The entire movie's behind the scenes documentary can be found on IMDB (linked here for easy access):
one | two | three | four

7:37 - 9:05 ("brother" lol)

(this video is 38 minutes long and one day I'll watch all of it)

(cuddling! smiling! you don't have to listen to these, just watch them)

(2:40; the interviewer asked the others to compare Jesse to his acting/character of Mark in the film)


Jesse: You didn't know me at 13
Andrew: I really wish I had

*casually talking about being each other's dates together*

Interviewer: Who would you like to work with next in a film?
Jesse: *points at Andrew*
Andrew: (into mic) Andrew Garfield
Jesse: Andrew


Andrew saw Jesse's play in 2016

(source to tweet)



For more info on the actual fandom background, there's a Fanlore page. This includes other actors/celebrities they're affiliated with that I'm not going to namedrop here, because that just might be weird. Well, weirder than this already is.

If you want fic recs, try here (my recs!) But generally, [ profile] Poose, [ profile] pidgeoned, [ profile] torakowalski, [ profile] harriet_vane, & [ profile] jeyhawk are the most-oft recced A/J writers. I mean, there are more, if you browse AO3 or the kinkmeme or something. Also I meant to be linking fics but now I have like 10 tabs of unread fic open. Fun fact about me: the first TSN-fannish thing I ever did was read an A/J fic back in 2011 when the fandom was still alive.
Download to the most popular A/J fic. I have a copy of the Andrew POV sequel, and the actual sequel, if you're interested.
This WIP is also legendary.

Also some things you need to know, without explanation: "serial killer Andrew" was a thing; but also the entire internet (including fans from Japan) thinks he looks like Bambi. Not like he doesn't.

Anyway, so that's mostly it. A lot of old blogs, tumblrs, LJ posts, etc. are deleted so I've scraped up what I can. Party like it's 2011, or something like that.