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All I use is Garageband and I try to find spliced up versions of songs on the internet to make these things. So they are not really the best quality, even though I am fond of them. Kind of like the banner down there.

Please don't reupload on Tumblr, Youtube, Soundcloud, or any other music-sharing site. If I wanted it there I would post it since I have an account on most websites. This is just for posterity, curiosity, and listening enjoyment.

download all

DARK HORSE / MERCY ♕ by Katy Perry / Kanye West et al || mp3

I first heard a pseudo 30 second mix of these two songs at a club in Singapore. After scouring, I couldn't find a single mashup of these songs on the internet, so of course I had to do it myself. It was difficult, since Mercy isn't easily deconstructed, and I needed to figure out how exactly I wanted the mashup itself to play out since Dark Horse is formulaic and Mercy is not. It took a while and also a relatively large size on my hard drive, and it's still sloppy quality because, well, Garageband. But it's the best I can do and I'm still pretty proud of it anyway.

ONE MORE RUDE NIGHT ♕ by Rihanna / Maroon 5 || mp3

I was pretty surprised I couldn't find a decent mashup of these two songs online (specifically One More Night's vocals over Rude's backing), so it was pretty easy to do it myself.

SUMMERTIME DREAMS ♕ by Lana Del Ray / Taylor Swift || 2015 || mp3

Of course, a classic. I actually heard Wildest Dreams first, so when I heard Summertime Sadness my immediate thought was that they were basically the same song. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'd known that people compared Wildest Dreams to Lana Del Ray's style in general, so I can't say that I'm surprised.

I tried to do switching/altering with the voices and instrumentals but it just felt too forced, so it was much easier and sounded much nicer just having them play at essentially the same time with adjusted rhythms. Perfect.

CALL ME FIREWORK ♕ by Carly Rae Jepsen / Katy Perry || 2015 || mp3

This one is my favorite for the way it blends both the instrumentals/vocals of the songs and sounds basically perfect.

22 HEART ATTACKS (REDUX) ♕ by Taylor Swift / One Direction || 2013/2015 || mp3

This is technically the first mashup I really invested myself in, but didn't really like the original version that I made in 2013. So a couple of years later, I decided to do it again. I had VirtualDJ the second time so it was much better for me to pitch things and for them to make sense. I'd wanted to do this one ever since I heard 22 (which I heard after Heart Attack, even though 22 did come first) and the chorus reminded me of the beat progression in Heart Attack's chorus. I tried to make it work. It's not awful, I think, which is the selling point

SLOW DOWN / NEON LIGHTS ♕ by Selena Gomez / Demi Lovato || 2013 || mp3

I initially posted this on my old Tumblr before it'd gotten deleted. It also comes with a cover! Originally I'd tried making one that blended both the songs in equal part, but it didn't quite work with Neon Lights's instrumentals, so I figured it'd sound better just overlaying Demi's vocals over the Slow Down instrumental track.

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