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sounds collide — a mashup playlist

(download here)

Mashups are my favorite things ever, and this playlist is a list of, in my opinion, the best that I haven't made - alternatively, the ultimate favorites and aspirations. This does not include covers (or even of the acapella sort), just excellent mixing plus actual excellent song/genre choices from the songs as they exist by themselves. Also, sorry for duplicating two songs (Sugar, We're Going Down; Boyfriend) but I think they're mixed differently in both mashups.

To be added to/updated.

BOYFRIEND justin bieber / GIRLFRIEND *nsync

TIK TOK kesha rose / COME TOGETHER the beatles

MISS JACKSON panic! at the disco / CENTURIES fall out boy

I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE taylor swift / HEART ATTACK demi lovato

DIANA one direction / SUGAR, WE'RE GOING DOWN fall out boy

CALL ME MAYBE carly rae jepsen / IGNITION (REMIX) r. kelly

RACK CITY tyga / BOYFRIEND justin bieber

BONAMANA super junior / LUCIFER shinee

IT'S TIME imagine dragons / CHECK YES JULIET we the kings

2012 MASHUP OF 50+ POP SONGS pop danthology

EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE the police / CHASING CARS snow patrol

TOXIC britney spears / BANG BANG jessie j, ariana grande, & nicki minaj

THIS IS GOSPEL panic! at the disco / SUGAR WE'RE GOING DOWN fall out boy

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