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It's 2011.


Just a compilation of the best moments from Andrew & Jesse's livechat, so you don't have to scroll through all of it like I did. I tried to see if someone else had done it before, on Tumblr or LJ, but couldn't find anything, so... here.

On the beginning of the chat/"Hello"

"Are you in the same room?"

"What kind of preparation do you do to play emotionally moving characters?" (answer cont. the beginning is boring, sorry Andrew)

"How did you feel playing the laptop smash scene?"

"Would you costar with each other again?"

the Whole Foods inside joke saga

"What was the first and last scene you shot?"

"Did you know that Tumblr calls you Bambi?"

"Andrew, did you get to learn anything about Brazil/Portuguese? And Jesse, did you learn anything about programming?"

"Jesse, was it challenging being socially awkward and starring in a movie about social networking?"

(After answering about favorite books)


"Would you ever consider putting out a record/track?"

"Jesse, can you do a British accent?"

"Are there any questions you've wanted to be asked but have never been asked?"

"What is your response to people saying that you're too old to play Spider-man?"

"Did you do a DVD commentary track together?"

"Is there a person you'd love to portray in a movie?"

"What is one classic film you wish you starred in, and why?"

In response to people saying hi from Asia


andrew_garfield: maybe jesse is an automated joke machine

(quoted directly here since the screencap is split)

[after the whole chat tells Andrew & Jesse that they're mostly talking to each other and that they should just sit and watch them talk to each other. someone suggests that they should do a buddy comedy]

"Have either of you had a moment to relax during promotions?"

(the chat was recorded to end at 11:00)

Goodbye messages

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