Apr. 7th, 2017

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Well, since this shitshow which has been pretty widely shared, there's been some talk tossed around about avid LJ-ers to finally, fully move to Dreamwidth (despite LiveJournal's failings in the past, but I'm getting ahead of myself.) I'm in full support of this, mostly because I've been pretty enthusiastic about Dreamwidth since like 2010?

Of course, like any other social networking site, it's not perfect. But it has a similar and safer functionality than LiveJournal - rather reminiscent of that pre-2011 USI - while having its own merits. And it maintains that nuanced, easy communication feature that Tumblr lacks, because let's be real: Tumblr is not exactly the most functional site in the world when it comes to having conversations. Dreamwidth I think is a viable alternative, despite how low-key it is outside of its roleplaying community.

A lot of people have made tutorials for Dreamwidth in the past, so I don't want to get too redundant. I'll be writing this with the assumption that the reader knows how either LiveJournal or Tumblr works. This tutorial is specifically about why and how you can use Dreamwidth for a full and effective fannish (and sometimes personal) experience. I do my best to cover as much as I can big picture wise to ~appeal~ to the reader, but I have also included a myriad of links in nearly every section if I have appealed to you well enough and you are willing to click for further reading/learning!

ETA: I made a Dreamwidth Starter Kit of links if you want to learn how to do stuff instead of my pure functional How To Do Stuff. It has nearly all the links I linked here and more (save for the comms I listed at the bottom here.) This post is a general tutorial of why and how; but if you immediately want to get to the fun stuff and start doing things, the starter kit may be of more use to you.

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