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SASO 2015 Masterpost

This is captain of Team Haikyuu!! speaking, with a masterlist of all things SASO! My remix permissions thread can be found here, and all of my team's shenanigans will be held at [community profile] bolleyvall. If you need to contact me for any reason, feel free to check out my networks. Thanks for stopping by!
Star * indicates that a work is an extreme rough draft

BR0 | BR1 | BR2 | BR3 | BR4 | BR5 | BR6 | BBR

MR1 (AO3) | MR2 (AO3)


Bonus Round 0

↛ Team Oikawa/Kageyama [ICONS] - No content warnings, G
↛ Team Oikawa/Kuroo [ICONS] - No content warnings, G
↛ *Team Ushijima/Oikawa [ICONS] - No content warnings, G
↛ *Team Abe/Mihashi [ICONS] - No content warnings, G
↛ *Team Kageyama/Hinata [ICONS] - No content warnings, G
↛ *Team Sousuke/Haruka [ICONS] - No content warnings, G
↛ *Team Oikawa/Sugawara [ICONS] - No content warnings, G
↛ *Team Yowamushi Pedal [ICONS] - No content warnings, G


Bonus Round 1 - Quotes

Fills (fic)

two blocks to sunday, Iwaizumi/Oikawa (Haikyuu!!) - No content warnings, G
Almost Kiss & part 2, Sousuke/Haruka (Free!) - Smoking (tobacco), PG-13
Wander, Akashi/Kuroko/Mayuzumi (KNB) - Reference to self-harm, R
wrapped around one night, Kuroo/Kisumi (Haikyuu!!/Free!) - No content warnings, NC-17
Oikawa Tooru Is (Not) A Risk, Oikawa/Sugawara (Haikyuu!!) - No content warnings, G
Indulgence, Kunimi/Kageyama (Haikyuu!!) - Crossdressing, PG-13
Make your real friends, Iwaizumi/Oikawa, Seijou (Haikyuu!!) - No content warnings, PG-13
*and we hold onto the edge, Narita/Kinoshita (Haikyuu!!) - No content warnings, G
Will we ever learn?, Oikawa&/Kageyama (ambiguous) (Haikyuu!!) - Slur in prompt, PG
Compromise, Oikawa/Sugawara (Haikyuu!!) - Smoking, physical injury mention, PG-13
*[x], Kuroo/Daichi (Haikyuu!!) - No content warnings, PG-13
*[x], Hanamaki/Matsukawa (Haikyuu!!) - Character death, PG-13


Feel free to fill them even if they've already been filled! Any medium of fanwork is appreciated :)


Iwaizumi &/ Makoto (FILL)


oikage multi (FILL) shirasuga kagesuga
iwaoi kurolev akashiraoi kuroken
hanamatsu oifuta kiyoyui (FILL) hanamatsu (FILL)
kinkuni (FILL) iwaenno (FILL) kurodaisuga tanaka sibs
ennotana iwakyou ennokage matsuoi (FILL)
kagesuga tananoya (FILL) akaiwa yamatsuki
kuroyaku kurosuga bokukuro
ushimoni kiyoyachi (FILL) kuroken ikedai
tananoya iwadai (FILL) oisuga akaiwa
kurotsuki akisae

Yowamushi Pedal

sansaka (FILL 1) (2) t2 (FILL 1) (2) ara(ima) (FILL) kinara
usakichi... (FILL 1) (2) (3) toumaki imanarusaka (FILL) manate
toumana (FILL) shinara (FILL) fukukinara kinara
t2 (FILL) manate tadomaki (FILL 1) (2) imanaru (FILL)

Kuroko No Basuke

akakise momoriko (FILL 1) (2) akashi mayukuro
aokaga aokaga midokise (FILL 1) (2) midotaka
multi ogikuro genmira (FILL) multi
kikasa kagakuro akakaga mitokoga
izutaka (FILL) kikagakuro kasaizu mitokoga
nijiaka kikuro aokagakuro kagakise


souharu aimomogisa (FILL) kou+multi makorin
makorinharu (FILL) soumakokisu reigisa nagirin
makorin (FILL) nagiharu reirin reigisa

Oofuri, Ping Pong

abemiha abemiha peco/smile (FILL) abemiha


Bonus Round 2 - AUs

Fills (fic)

Cut off our egg rolls, Tanaka & Nishinoya (Haikyuu!!) - No content warnings, PG
*[x], Akaashi/Bokuto (Haikyuu!!) - No content warnings, G
*[x], Kageyama/Hinata (Haikyuu!!) - No content warnings, G
*[x], Terushima/Shirabu (Haikyuu!!) - No content warnings, G
Mach, Imaizumi, Naruko, Onoda (Yowapeda) - No content warnings, G


Feel free to fill them even if they've already been filled! Any medium of fanwork is appreciated :)


ennofutayaha akaiwa (FILL) oisuga ushioi
ennofuta iwaenno iwaoisuga kuroyaku
ensemble kagehina akaboku ennosemi (FILL)
shirakage (FILL) multi kagesuga tanatora
hanamatsu iwa+oi (FILL) hanamatsu hanamatsu
hanamatsu kagesuga (FILL) iwaoi (FILL 1) (2) (3) oisuga (FILL)
kiyoyachi (FILL 1) (2) iwaoi bokukuro (FILL) multi
multi multi

Kuroko No Basuke

akaogi aokaga akamido (FILL) izutaka (FILL)




Bonus Round 3 - FSTs

Fills (fic)

You Said, Oikawa/Sugawara (Haikyuu!!) - Inebriation, R


Bonus Round 5 - Remixes

Fills (fanmix)

Swallow (us whole), a remix of all that we are (all that we seem) - Noise, drowning implications in fanart

Credit for the banner goes to [personal profile] aoka. I coded the style of this entry myself. Do not take the codes.

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